Medicinal Magic Honey – “The Sweetness of Life” 

Our microdosing medicinal magic honey includes 3 Grams (3000mg) of an Alchemical Blend of Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms; each one providing a unique and powerful layer to the self-healing and realization, which is inevitable through the experience of this powerful honey.

Each jar is hand-crafted in small batches with immense love, care and conscious prayer; for each person who experiences this honey to receive a Sweet Awakening of the Heart and Soul, on a level that is truly beyond words, until experienced for yourself…


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Learn more about Magic Honey – The Sweetness of Life , Why we made it,
and what it can do for You.

Speed And Ease of Digestibility & Absorption

One of the best parts about using this psilocybin honey for your microdosing is that by adding it to a warm beverage (tea, coffee, etc) your body will absorb your microdose much faster and easier!

It’s able to enter the bloodstream much easier because of the heat…

And so speed of delivery and speed of impact to the body is one of the primary benefits of this honey.

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Easily Vary Your Dose (Dosing Instructions)

With this microdosing honey, you can easily vary how much you take so you can experiment with and find your perfect dose!

You can try a little, try more, or try a lot…

If you’re feeling like you need more on a specific day, it’s easy to do with this honey!

Dosing Guide:
1 table spoon = 500mg
1/2 tablespoon = 250mg
1 teaspoon = 166.6mg
3/4 tsp = 125mg
2/3 tsp = 111mg
1/2 tsp = ~83mg
1/4 tsp = ~42mg
1/8 tsp = ~21mg

It’s Delicious!

This is some seriously delicious honey! Use it in recipes, smoothies, tea, coffee, or just eat it straight from the jar!

“The Sweetness of Life” delivers sweetness for every life. 🙂

Use Your Creativity

Another benefit of this honey is that you can be creative with how you microdose!

You can put it in whatever you’d like, and even make your own chocolates, dessert, or baked goods using this delicious honey!

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